Custom Runner Services

Define Your Project Following are many categories our Hall and Stair Runner Installation and Custom Fabrication work, with descriptions to help to define the Type of Staircase, Landing or Hallway project you have. Each category links to our Installation Galleries, with many more examples for Inspiration. Each gallery photo will offer a link to the specific runner product used for the project. All photos are actual installation and custom fabrication work completed by John.

Single Landing A single square or rectangular shaped landing, an "L" shape is the most common type of landing we find in our customer's homes. 
We refer to them simply as "Single Landings" since they consist of just one turn left or right. There may be more than one within a staircase.
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    Single landing stair runner installations

Double Landing  Double Landing Stair Runner fabrication and installations. These landings require the runner to take two corners, creating a "U" turn. 
John takes great care with the pattern placement for a pleasing result. A Double landing or "U"  turn can also be found in a hallway. 
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     double landing stair runner installationsAngled Landing Landing that forms an angle as it connects two sections of steps. Often there are two angled landings but there can be just one or even
three. the angle seen in the photo to the right is a bit different requiring a different approach to the fabrication work.
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Angled landing stair runner installations
Pie Steps A series of triangular shaped steps that cause the staircase to take a turn over the course of two or even six pie steps in a series, all with different shapes, sizes and angles. Pie steps can vary more than any other type of staircase. Pie steps are very different than angled landings. Click here to see more Pie Steps
Pie step installation collage
T Landing A "T" is hall or stair runner installation with a custom finish creating an intersection in the runner in a T shape just as it sounds. This is often found on a stair landing that combines two staircases or in a hall at the top of a staircase.  Click here to see more T Landings or Hallways
T landing or hallway installationsCurved Staircase A curved staircase makes quite the statement in a foyer. John's experience specifically with fabrication and installation of stair runners serves to enhance a striking architectural element.   Click here to see Curved Staircases
Curved stair runner installations

Custom Hallway Runner Hallways take on many different shapes and sizes. Each hallway offers unique challenges presented by the pattern choice, layout of the hall or how it relates to the staircase. The Stair Runner Store has the product selection, experience, and expertise to create the look and function desired.  Click here to see more Custom Hallways

custom hallway collage
End Capping End capping is a custom finsh where the border has been added to the end of a cut runner for a complete and finished look. It can be used to create a small area rug, nicely finish the end of a hallway runner installation or a stair runner installation that ends on a landing.  Click here to see more End Caps
    end capping collage
Straight Staircase A straight staircase is certainly the simplest style. We're known for John's work on many complicated hall and stair runner installations, but it is important to have your stair runner installed properly - so why not have it installed by an expert?  Click here to see more Straight Staircases