Straight Stair Runner

Straight Stair Runner Installations

While a straight staircase is certainly the simplest style we encounter, it is important to have your stair runner installed properly. We’re known for John’s work on complicated hall and stair runner installations and happily offer the same personal shop at home service and expertise to our customers with a straight staircase. To those who need a more complicated installation, John’s skill is quickly recognized but this extensive experience is valuable in any case – so, why not have your stair runner installed by an expert?

All hall and stair runner installations we publish are real – actual installation and custom fabrication work by owner, John Hunyadi. Please feel free to look closely to appreciate John’s craftsmanship.

Begin your own project by browsing our searchable Stair Runner Selection to select the stair runner samples you would like to see during your free in home appointment. Eileen will bring those samples you’ve selected and based on your choices, many additional styles from which to choose. To schedule an appointment online, add your favorite samples to the cart and follow the steps to confirm your appointment request. Or simply Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive a written quote.

 Appointments available in Connecticut and some New York areas,


Stair Runner orders can be shipped to customers outside of our service area. Please Visit our sister site for more information.