T-Landing Stair Runner or Hall Runner

T Landing Stair Runner and Hall Runner Installations: A “T” in a hall or stair runner installation is a custom finish added to create an area where the runner intersects in a T shape just as it sounds. This is often found on a stair landing that combines two staircases, three sections of a staircase, or in a hall at the top of the staircase.

T Landing Hall or Stair Runner Installations

A “T” is one of the more involved custom fabrications we offer since there are many things to consider such as the pattern of the runner product,  the position a stair landing or if in a hallway – the relationship to the staircase. The result is a continuous runner installation and a pleasing use of the pattern. Included in this gallery are many examples of this type of staircase landing or hallway runner. All installations we publish are real – actual installation and custom fabrication work by owner, John Hunyadi. Please feel free to look closely, to appreciate John’s craftsmanship.

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