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Important Shipped Landing Fabrication Details:

Important Shipped Landing Fabrication Details:
 -Footage is based on runner pattern repeat/placement, customer supplied data/photos, landing dimensions/stair counts and using 19 inches of material for each step  which is tread + riser total. This is a safe number with few exceptions. Please let us know if your stairs when measured are larger than this.  (often a tread is 10 to 11" deep, riser is often 6 to 7" high and when wrapping the nose a total step measurement will be 18 to 18.5") 
 - Landing fabrication causes waste due to pattern repeat and pattern placement - your final roll will not be the full length ordered, but has been calculated based on your data to accommodate the project you've described with this waste in mind. 
 - A fabricated landing will be shipped at the top end of the long roll. It is intended to be installed first, working down the stairs below the landing. The remaining footage is cut on site at the bottom of the lowest riser (where it meets the 1st floor) This material is then brought up to be installed on the stairs above the landingThis will cause an interruption in the pattern where the landing and upper stairs meet, but tends to be at a less visible point in a staircase and creates a more pleasing use of pattern on the landing itself. Please contact us with any questions.
- Shipping:  Custom landing orders result in a larger/heavier or over-size package, and will incur an added shipping fee. This fee will represent the difference in our cost over that of the amount we regularly absorb with our free shipping  policy on most orders. Please see our Shipping Policy for more details.  


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