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Start your hall and stair runner project by visiting our product pages. On each page, as you shop stair runners, you will have the opportunity to order a swatch, calculate footage for a Straight staircase or request a quote for your custom runner landing project.   Sort and filter Stair Runner samples, stair carpet products by color, style, fiber, width or brand. Find hundreds of quality stair carpet runners, order swatches of  your favorites. Click Here to Learn More about our rebated swatch service. Find out how easy it is to shop for hall and stair runners with The Stair Runner Store! Please Contact Us with any questions about your runner project.

Swatches – Learn More

Swatch Program Details   
 – With your runner order of at least  $500.00, swatch fees up to a total of $35.00 stair runner swatches stair runner samplesper customer are refundable.  A r
efund will process when the completed runner order ships.

Each Stair Runner Product page includes a button like this:  

 order stair runner swatch

Most stair runner swatches are $4.50.*  A small shipping fee will be added to swatch orders. 

 – FREE SHIPPING is offered for most stair runner orders over $500.00 – Please see our Shipping Policy
 for more detail and exceptionssuch as over-size custom projects.

 – Tracking information is available for most swatch orders upon request. 

– Swatches will often ship from more than one location so you may receive more than one package delivered over a number of days. 


– Swatches are a small cutting of a stair runner product. A swatch is the most cost effective and often fastest way to see a product or a number of products. 

 – Swatches do not represent the dye lot of existing runner stock. As with any textile, dye lots will vary. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

– Swatches vary in size depending on the product.  Some provide only the center portion of the pattern, not the runner border. With some Stanton and Kane swatches are that of the coordinate broadloom, the swatch may NOT include the border portion of the pattern.

– Full size stair runner samples can be purchased, varying in price/size, shipping cost and because of their varied cost are handled on a case by case basis. Please Contact Us for Details. 

– Some stair runner products are available in 2 widths.  Swatches and full size samples will most often be that of the smaller width. However, at times the available swatch is that of the wider size. Please note, this can change the scale of the pattern if you ultimately order the smaller width runner.  Products available in two widths –  you can request the  larger width only as a non-refundable full foot of material plus shipping.   


– We will notify you of any swatch we can not provide and offer a replacement or adjust your order accordingly. 

      Questions: Please Inquire 

Customer Review: 
The Stair Runner Store - Creative Carpet & Rug LLC Reply from Stair Runner Store:
So glad you found our swatch service helpful. Thank you for posting this review, we appreciate it. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new runners! 
Thanks again, Eileen – 

Custom Runner Services

Define Your Project 

Following are many categories of our Hall and Stair Runner Installation and Custom Runner Services, including photos of our Custom Runner Fabrication work. To help you define the type of project you have, each includes descriptions of the Type of Staircase, Landing or Hallway project depicted. Each category links to our Installation Galleries, with many more examples for Inspiration. All photos are actual installation and custom runner fabrication work completed by John.  Whether a local installation in the Connecticut area OR Shipped, we have more experience with this specific work than can be found elsewhere. We regularly ship custom fabricated landings to customers around the country.  As a result our customers can achieve a custom result but need only find basic installation service locally.
The types of landings or fabrication work (below) we ship, include this image
To provide a quote, we just need some basic information in most cases. Each runner product page includes a button which will take you to our Custom Landing Quote Form.  OR Contact Us with any questions. 

“L” Shaped or Single Turn Landing(s)   

A single square or rectangular shaped landing, an “L” shape is the most common type of landing we find in our local customer’s homes, and the most common landing we ship. Since they consist of just one turn left or right, we refer to them simply as “Single Landings.” You may have more than one of this type of landing within a staircase.
We Ship this Custom Runner Service, Ready to Install – 

“U” Shaped or Double Landing   

Double Landing Stair Runner or hall runner fabrication and installations. Since this custom runner service requires the runner to take two corners, we refer to it as a double or “U” shaped staircase landing.  John takes great care with the pattern placement for a pleasing result.
We Ship this Custom Runner Service, Ready to Install –
Click here to see more of our “U” or Double Landing Fabrication Work     double landing stair runner installations

Angled Landing  

An angled staircase landing  forms an angle on a single platform as it connects two sections of straight steps. Because angles vary – we need a paper template sent to us in order to fabricate this type of stair runner turn  Please Inquire. 
We Ship this Custom Runner Service, Ready to Install –
Click here to see more Angled Landing Installations
Angled landing stair runner installations

T Landing 

A “T” is hall or stair runner installation with a custom finish creating an intersection in the runner in a T shape just as it sounds – Often found on a stair landing that combines two staircases or in a hall at the top of a staircase. 
We Ship this Custom Runner Service, Ready to Install –
Click here to see more T Landngs  or T Hallway Installations
T landing or hallway installations


End Capping  

A custom finish where the border is been added to the end of a cut runner for a complete and finished look. So, an end capped runner can be used to create a small area rug, nicely finish the end of a hallway runner installation or a stair runner installation that ends on a landing.
We Ship this Custom Runner Service.   
Order end capping on runner product pages. Click here to learn more about End Finishes. 

Click here to see more End Caps
    end capping collage

Straight Staircase  

A straight staircase is certainly the simplest style. With an accurate stair count, it is very easy to calculate the footage needed for your project. Please use our Staight Staircase Calculator found on all of our runner product pages. 
We Ship Runners
Click here to see more Straight Staircase Installations      


Custom Hallway Runner  

Since hallways take on many different shapes and sizes – each hallway offers unique challenges presented by the pattern choice, layout of the hall or how it relates to the staircase. Because The Stair Runner Store has the product selection, experience, and expertise – you can create the look and function desired. 
We Ship Runners  
(Custom Hallways have many variables. Please feel free to Contact Us with questions about your project.)
Click here to see more Custom Hallways
custom hallway collage

Curved or pie steps are services we offer only in the Connecticut area. 

Because these projects require on site assessment – we do not offer shipping on the following types of fabrications. 

Curved Staircase  A curved staircase makes quite the statement in a foyer. As a result of John’s  significant amount of experience specifically with fabrication and installation of stair runners, his work serves to enhance this striking architectural element. 
Click here to see More Curved Staircase Installations
Curved stair runner installations

Pie Steps  A series of triangular shaped steps that cause the staircase to take a turn over the course of two or even six pie steps in a series, all with different shapes, sizes and angles. Because these steps vary more than any other type of staircase – we do not offer this fabrication for shipping. Please note, pie steps are very different than angled landings.  Click here to see more Pie Step Installations
Pie step installation collage

custom stair runner landing quote form

Stair Runner Measuring Information

How to measure for a stair runner – STRAIGHT STAIRCASE

OR  Does your staircase have a Landing? – Please Click HERE  

Stair runner measurement on a straight staircase is as simple as an accurate stair count and calculation.

Example:  A straight staircase in a home with standard first floor ceiling height of about 8 feet will often have *12 treads and 13 risers. A straight staircase like this will require 20 linear feet. 
*Tread = the part you walk on.
*Riser = the vertical component of a step.

CLICK our calculator to quickly estimate footage for your STRAIGHT Staircase :

Click here to see STRAIGHT Staircase Examples

The calculator will ask simply for your tread count, automatically filling the riser count, and our footage result.

The calculation allows for 19″ per step. A typical total step measurement is between 18 and 19 inches. A total step measurement = Tread Depth + Wrapping the Nosing + Riser Height:

Straight Staircase Variation:
– A split staircase – that is one with more than one run of steps or separate sections of steps require the stair count calculation be broken down for each section. This is becasue you will have one more riser than tread in each run of steps.  Simply add together the footage calculated for each section, to determine the total linear footage to order.


Does your Staircase have a Landing? – Please Click HERE  


Runner End Finishes Explained

Custom stair runner end finishes explainedEnd Finish options are found and can be added on each of our runner product pages when ordering.

Runner products are cut from a roll producing unfinished ends. In most cases it is not necessary to finish the ends of a runner when installed on a staircase since it often ends on a vertical surface – generally the top and bottom risers. However, when a runner is to end on a landing or used in a hall it requires an end finish since it is ending on a horizontal surface. We primarily suggest two different types of end finishes, explained below.

End Capping – A Custom End Finish 

 – a custom fabrication adding the border to the end of a runner for a finished look with the border design on all four sides. We can end cap a runner for you creating a small area rug, or to finish the end of a hallway runner. It can also be used as an end finish for a stair runner installation that ends on a landing/hall surface.

All End Capping and other Custom Fabrication work is done by Owner, John Hunyadi   Click here to see more examples of John’s End Capping Work


Serging – Yarn Wrap End Finish  

 – Refers to a yarn wrap edge finish found on the side edges of runner products. Serging is the other end finish option we offer. It is is less expensive than end capping. The cut ends of a runner ending on any horizontal surface should be end finished. A runner end finish is needed for a separate hall/floor runner. It should also be added if your stair runner installation will end on a landing or hallway surface. Click here to see more Serged Ends

How to Order and Common Questions:

– End Finishes are an option on each runner product page. When ordering, simply select the finish you would like.– When ordering more than one runner to be end finished – each length must be added to the cart individually, along with the selected finish. Example: If you would like both a 5′ piece and an 8′ piece, each with an end finish. Choose the 5′ length and Select the end finish you’d like –  Add to Cart.
Choose the 8′ length and Select the end finish you’d like –  Add to Cart. 

– If you would like a hall runner finished to a size other than a full foot increment* – We can certainly accommodate your request. Please let us know immediately after placing your order and we will confirm receipt of your request.  Roll Runner material is sold in linear foot increments. So, you will need to order the next largest full foot increment. Please either use the Contact Us page, reply to your order confirmation OR call us at 203-888-5566.

*End Capped Runner – Finished Length: 

 – When end capping a runner, we hope to create a finished look that uses the pattern in the most pleasing way available within the constraints of two variables: the product pattern repeat and the desired finished length. To achieve pleasing pattern use, it is often necessary to have some flexibility in that length.  We will communicate the potential length variance before fabricating. You can then choose a result that best fits your needs. This type of personal service is what sets us apart form other web sites selling Hall and Stair Runner Products.

(NOTE: If pattern placement is not your priority, an end capped runner can certainly be made to your original desired length) Please Contact Us OR call 203-888-5566  OR 888-590-5566 with any questions about your Hall  and Stair Runner Project

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Videos – 1

More Stair Runner Videos COMING SOON! 

Stair runner videos including help with measuring and installation coming soon. 

Stair Runner Measurung, Stair Runner Installation videos

Stair Runner Videos: The following video explains the simple steps needed to complete our custom stair runner landing quote form: To view the Custom Landing Quote Form, Stair Runner Measuring Video -CLICK HERE

Links to:

Measuring Information

Quote Form

Find many helpful links on our RESOURCES page. 


If your question is not answered by these Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our Resources pages or feel free to Contact Us. We’ll be happy  to answer any questions about your stair or hall runner project, or questions about our products and services.

We ship Stair Runner material and custom fabrication to customers who are outside of our local service area.  For more information about this and other questions you may have, please see our Resources page.

How long has The Stair Runner Store been in business? 

The Stair Runner Store, Creative Carpet & Rug, LLC has been in business since 1996. John Hunyadi, (owner/installer) has been installing all types of carpet for thirty years with a focus on runner installation and custom runner fabrication for more than 20 years. Eileen Hunyadi’s (owner/salesperson) experience includes bank management and formal training in interior design with the focus on stair runner products and their applications for more than 20 years. Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor Registration #00559710,   BBB Accredited Business, Best of Houzz 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2016, 2018

What makes The Stair Runner Store different from other flooring retailers? 
The large product selection is the first thing that customers notice, but the differences do not stop there. In the Stair Runner business, John and Eileen are unmatched not only in selection, service, and craftsmanship, but experience specifically in runners. They’ve spent the last 20+ years dealing with patterned, woven carpet every day, complex layouts, difficult installation or challenging fabrication, and all types of staircases and hallways. , Unlike a typical flooring dealer, StairRunnerStore offers unique fabrication techniques which is often key to the project. Custom fabrication work is shipped daily to customer throughout the country. Whether simple or complex – why not purchase your runner from the experts? 

Of what material is a stair runner made?
Runners are generally woven using either wool or synthetic pile fibers. Regardless of the fiber, most woven product are constructed in similar ways on the same types of looms. Wool products tend to vary more in the types of looms used to weave them. Each fiber comes in an array of qualities and prices, but synthetic fiber is typically a less expensive choice. Our product selection is split nearly in half by wool or synthetic options. Since we have such a vast collection, hundreds of choices are offered in each fiber.

How is stair runner material sold? 
Stair Runner material is sold by the running or linear foot. Each runner product page has a drop down menu in order to select the linear footage needed. Runner material is sold in full foot increments – however, if you need a runner end finished to a specfic length we can accommodate that request. More information can be found on this page: Runner End Finishes Explained 

How do I determine the amount of material/length required for a staircase? 
For a straight staircase footage can be determined using a simple calculation which requires the number of steps and the size of your steps. A typical straight step consisting of a riser + tread will require 18 to 20 inches. We typically find that most straight steps require us to order 19″ per step.  Please use our Straight Staircase Calculator to find the footage needed for your straight staircase project. The calculator uses the most common step  dimension of 19 inches. A calculator button can be found on each runner product page. 

         – If you have a landing within the staircase, and would like us to fabricate a custom landing the calculation is more variable. For this type of project we have a Custom Landing Quote Form. Generally the form asks for the number of steps below the the landing, the landing dimensions, landing direction when walking up, the number of steps above the landing and your runner material choice. To create a custom landing, the runner pattern repeat must be added to the footage for each landing or other custom finish.  

Is wool better than synthetic?
Wool and synthetic fibers are like “apples and oranges” in many ways. Each fiber can be said to be better than the other in some way. In general, they may differ in appearance (color and texture), wear differently, and represent different price categories. We provide customers with detailed information regarding fiber differences, but find many people will choose a product simply because of its color and pattern.

How do I maintain a stair runner?
There are simple, but significant steps you can take to maintain and prolong the life or your runner or any carpet in your home: (1) It is advisable to remove shoes prior to entering carpeted areas, significantly cutting down on soil. (2) Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. (3)Keep adjacent hard-surface floors as clean as possible. Soil on hard surfaces is carried onto the carpet. (4)Have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Preventing and removing soil is the key to maintaining any floor surface.  Similar to any surface –  soil is abrasive and causes damage to carpet fibers, which results in appearance changes. These appearance changes are commonly referred to as wear, but are actually caused by damage.

How long will my runner last?
In most cases, the answer to this question has to do with your household and the expected use. For instance, use of a staircase in a home that includes young children will be very different from a home where just two adults reside. The appearance of the runner and your expectations for it are the real questions rather than physical wear. The most significant issue affecting appearance is maintenance. We will be able to suggest products that fit your household needs and your budget best. Customers who have purchased runners from us have provided positive feedback several years after installation.

How is a stair runner installed?
The runner is installed over dense pad, with very small, well-hidden staples. This keeps the carpet from having movement, which is not only safer, but also better for the carpet itself. Carpet that has movement does not perform as well and may pose a safety risk.

The amount of time it takes to complete the installation itself depends on the staircase or hallway. For the majority of our installations, it ranges from about two hours for a standard straight staircase, to four to six hours for a single landing staircase. The more complicated installations are often completed in less than a day. (This would usually be accomplished by some off-sight fabrication prior to installation.)If your installation includes more than one staircase or extensive hallway work or custom work, actual installation and fabrication time will vary.

How does the runner end on a staircase? Please Click Here for information and photos. 

How does the runner end on a landing, floor or hall? 
When ending a runner on one of these horizontal surfaces, the runner needs and end finish: Please Click Here To Learn About End Finishes including photos. 

Do you carry decorative stair hardware?
Yes, we have a great selection of Decorative Stair Hardware in many styles and finishes. Can this hardware be used for installation? No, these products are not intended for installation, but without question will add beauty to your runner. You can find Decorative Stair Hardware products HERE.

How long does it take to complete a runner project?
Most runners arive within a few weeks of your order – if the material should turn out to be on back-order we will notifiy you shorty after your order is placed. The amount of time it takes to complete a runner order will depend first on the runner material availability, then by whether there are end finished or custom work required and finally by your location/shipping time. 

Do you carry area rugs to coordinate with the stair runners?
Yes, some of the stair runner products we carry are part of a coordinating rug collection. Please inquire with regard to the specific product you’re interested in and we’ll be happy to discuss the options available for a rug. These options vary from one product to another and by the size of the rug you might like.  

Houzz Ideabook or Pinterest Board:  You can save samples to a Houzz Idea book or Pinterest board. This is an easy way to keep track of your favorite runners samples. All runners on this site have a Houzz “Save” button and a Pinterest “Pin It” button on each product page.

If you would like assistance with making sample selections or have other questions, please Click Here to send us an email.  OR simply Call Eileen or John 203-888-5566 or toll free: 1-888-590-5566

Can I purchase a stair runner and have it shipped? Yes!  May I also have a custom landing shipped? Yes!  For customers outside of the Connecticut area, we ship runner material and if needed a custom landing which is ready to be installed by a local carpet installer or for your DIY project Please visit Custom Runner Services to define your project and see the types of custom runner work we ship OR – Please Inquire.   

Do you offer installation services? Yes, we offer installation in western Connecticut and may travel a bit more distance for some larger projects. We handle these projects on a case by case basis – Please Inquire.    

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?  We do not typically ship outside of the U.S. When we have – we have only done so when the customer has taken full responsibility for the shipping arrangements. In other words, you would have to make arrangements with a shipper here in the U.S. to whom we can hand off the package. We would hand the package in good condition, documented with photos and require a signature to that affect when doing so.  You would be responsible for all shipping costs, taxes/duties/fees. Any damage claim or other shipping concerns would then be resolved between you and your shipping provider, and would not involve us. 

Please inquire with specific questions for your project: Click here to contact us via email or phone 203-888-5566 or 1-888-590-5566.

ern Connecticut and may travel a bit more distance for some larger projects. We handle these projects on a case by case basis – Please Inquire.    

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?  We do not typically ship outside of the U.S. When we have – we have only done so when the customer has taken full responsibility for the shipping arrangements. In other words, you would have to make arrangements with a shipper here in the U.S. to whom we can hand off the package. We would hand the package in good condition, documented with photos and require a signature to that affect when doing so.  You would be responsible for all shipping costs, taxes/duties/fees. Any damage claim or other shipping concerns would then be resolved between you and your shipping provider, and would not involve us. 


Stair Runner material is sold by the running or linear foot.

Amount of material required: A typical straight step consisting of a riser + tread will require 18 to 20 inches. We typically find that most straight steps require us to order 19″ per step. Custom work (as mentioned above) is more variable, and the product being used for that custom project will have an affect on required footage because of varying pattern repeats. Please inquire with specific questions for your project: Click here to contact us via email or phone 203-888-5566 or 1-888-590-5566. Speak to Eileen to get further details or to arrange a purchase.



Learn About Stair Runner Carpet – Our Stair Runner Glossary offers Stair Runner Glossary, Learn about stair carpetinformation to help you compete your stair runner project. More entries coming soon! Please Contact Us with any questions about our products and services.   Return to < RESOURCES page. 


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Runners are generally woven using either wool fiber or synthetic ...
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Most runner products used for hall and stair runner projects ...
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Hall Runner

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Pattern Repeat

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Scotia Molding

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Serging - a yarn wrap edge finish found on the ...
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Stair Runner

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Tread - the horizontal component of a step, the part ...
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Width of a Stair Runner

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Woven Construction

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Reviews and Accolades

Best of Houzz – 6 Years Running!

Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design    Remodeling and Home Design  Eileen Hunyadi in Oxford, CT on Houzz Eileen Hunyadi in Oxford, CT on Houzz


    The Stair Runner Store BBB Business Review

Please read our customer testimonials and reviews after completing their hall and stair runner projects.
We were surprised at how little was available to us when we began to look for stair runners. After checking a couple of local stores with no luck, we turned to the internet and found The Stair Runner Store, right here in CT. I contacted them and within 24 hours Eileen returned my email and we set up an appointment. She came on time with more samples than you could imagine. Eileen had such patience while I pondered my selection choice, helping me eliminate samples as we went along. Finally chose the right one, and an appointment was set up for the following week with John, Eileen’s husband. He came out and created a template of the runner, then returned a few days later and installed it. Besides being very knowledgeable about rugs, both John and Eileen were friendly, courteous and professional throughout the project and were truly a pleasure to work with. The final result was amazing, John transformed a blah staircase into something I’m still staring at!!! Thank you Eileen and John!

–Jen, Fairfield, CT

This was our second time having The Stair Runner Store install a runner in our home. The first was for a front staircase and then today for two wider width back stair cases. Both Eileen and John are friendly and knowledgeable. They have great products and John does a fabulous job on the installation. It is a pleasure working with them both and we highly recommend them.

–Leslie, Greenwich, CT

John and Eileen did a fabulous job with our stair runner. They are professional and a joy to work with. We love our new stair runner! I would recommend this company to anyone in need of a stair runner.

–Courtenay, Farmington, CT

My recently purchased condo has a steep stairway that just yearned for a beautiful oriental rug. 
Unfortunately, I was not able to find a store that sold them, so to the internet I went to find Creative Carpet. There was such a stunning display of the offerings, all pictured on a stairway to show how the finished product looked. 
I had no idea what a find it truly is until Eileen arrived at my home with so many beautiful samples to choose from. 
My choice was installed perfectly by John and the entrance hall draws raves from everyone who sees it. 
I am most grateful for the professional touch provided by Eileen and John.

–Jayne, Woodbury, CT

I found Creative Carpet and Rug to be customer oriented from the start.  At our appointment you patiently showed us numerous samples toward a runner well suited to our staircase. The pictures and video were very helpful in making the decision. John is an artist! He takes great care with his work and delivers outstanding custom carpet runners. We were told by another carpet store that you can’t put a patterned runner on a curved staircase. That is because they don’t have John. He also cleaned up after himself completely which is rare these days. (click here to see this staircase) Thanks again and if you would like anyone making a decision to see our staircase just let me know. 

–Best-Laura and Jim, Madison, CT

I just wanted to let you know that we love the runner, and that it has been great working with your company, including your accommodating our schedule, coming to the house, all the e-mail correspondence and phone calls, and John being here yesterday. The runner looks beautiful (better than the surroundings), and it would not have been possible to pick something out without you bringing all of the samples — plus your suggestions and guidance — to our house. Our 5-year-old said that he wishes he had this kind of carpet in his room. If and when we have another “nice” carpeting project we will definitely contact you, and we will certainly recommend you.
–Karen, Middletown, CT

It is absolutely marvellous to work with John and Eileen at the Stair Runner Carpet Store…..  super service, fantastic selection, great advice, fast delivery and the installation perfect…… would recommend to absolutely everyone.    If I had more stairs they would most definitely be the “go to” people.    Thank you Eileen and John
–Norma and Jim, Oxford, CT


When it was time to select a runner for a design client’s home in New York City, The Stair Runner Store in Connecticut was hands down the best choice. After chatting with Eileen, she and John came to the house with all of the samples I selected from the website and then some. We were sure to find the carpet for our project. John and Eileen could not have been nicer and helped to make the entire process a pleasure. They made wonderful suggestions on how to best use the runner to highlight the design in the carpet we chose. The fabrication and installation were perfection. I cannot thank The Stair Runner Store enough for their kindness and professionalism. Now my client is thrilled with the outcome and I look like a star in the simple task of finding John and Eileen. Thank you so much!
–Leslie Segrete    Designer WEtv’s “The Ugliest House on the Block”  Designer and Carpenter for TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and “While You Were Out”

The main reason we bought the stair runner, was for the dog. When we first moved into the house, our older dog was never on a hard wood floor or stairs. He fell down the stairs several times and we were afraid that he would seriously hurt himself. With the installation of the runner, he was able to go up and down the stairs without any problems. We now have a new puppy, who without the runner, would have had a difficult time. Since then, we have finished off our bonus room with a second set of stairs. You were able to help us coordinate the stairs, and several area rugs. Thanks to you and your husband our dog and ourselves can have a safer trip up and down the stairs while having a very nice and stylish rug. We would highly recommend your services.
–Thanks Maryann, Oxford, CT

Dear Eileen & John, I would like to take a moment to express our thoughts and gratitude on the recent installation of our new stair runner. From the moment we met you and John we felt comfortable about the entire process of selecting the right runner and getting the job done. It was evident from our early conversations that you had a vast knowledge of the business and the hundreds of samples to choose from made it that much easier. John took great care in preparing the install. The morning of the installation was the worst weather of the year and we were happy to see how John took the extra steps to prevent tracking snow and ice into our home. With the addition of the runner the appearance of our entryway is now something we are very proud of, it is beautiful. Fernanda and I would like to thank you both for a job well done. We would be happy to refer Creative Carpet & Rug to all of our friends and please feel free to offer our names as references to any new clients. With kindest regards
–Dennis & Fernanda, Middlebury, CTDear Dennis & Fernanda, Wow! Thanks so much. It’s great when we have a customer who really “gets” what we’re all about. We take pride in our work and it’s always nice to know it is appreciated.Thanks again. Eileen & John

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As you know, shortly after having moved into our new home we had a stair runner installed. After being in the house for just a couple of weeks, it soon became apparent that Zeus, our high energy, lovable but very clumsy Boxer had difficulties managing the stairs. Running upstairs was never a problem but coming down…well that was a different story! Zeus, bubbly as can be slipped down the stairs only to be stopped by the wall at the landing area. ‘Ouch!’ Luckily he was still a young dog at the time and quickly recovered. I soon followed his act by slipping down the stairs myself with a cup of coffee at hand! I was bruised and sore and unfortunately my recovery was not as quick as his! That’s when we contacted you. You had an amazing selection of products, competitive prices and were a pleasure to work with. You were so patient with Zeus on the day that you stopped by with the samples; I think that he sat and/or lay down on every single one of those samples! I also picked out an area rug for the foyer that compliments the runner beautifully. It has became Zeus’ favorite spot for rubbing his back and chewing on his favorite toy! The stair runner and area rug still look wonderful and it’s been almost three years since we purchased them. Thanks again for all your help! 
–Denise, Oxford,CT

Hi Eileen! Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I love my new runners. They are really perfect in the space and just what I needed to warm up the foyer. I also wanted to thank you for delivering them before Christmas, as promised. I am so glad that I found you on the web. You have the most extensive collection of runners anywhere in CT and trust me, I looked everywhere before I found you. Your knowledge of the product, its availability and suitability to the space is by far and away the best in this business. Thank you for being so patient with my endless inquiries and I will not hesitate a moment to recommend you to my friends and family. Happy New Year!
–Maureen, Glastonbury, CT

Dear Eileen, I cannot tell you how pleased John and I are with the runner your company installed recently. After several quotes from other retailers, Creative Rug was clearly the best choice. Especially the several trips and tons of questions you answered made to help in the selection. Needless to say the stairs look lovely! I’d recommend your service in a heartbeat…..thanks again!

–John and Gladys, Orange, CT

We would like to say we were both incredibly pleased with not only the no-pressure sales help we got from Eileen but also the impeccable installation that John did on our runner. After doing a considerable amount of shopping we were fortunate enough to find out about Creative Rug. We found them to not only be extremely competitive with their pricing compared to the standard “super” stores, but their personal touch and assistance in the selection of the best pattern for our house was really quite unusual and very much appreciated. We give them our whole hearted recommendation!

–Nick & Arlene, Trumbull CT

Hi Eileen,

We love the work that you did. Not only did you help us find the right product, the installation was flawless. There is no doubt that we will call you when we build our new house!

–Amy, Stamford, CT

Hi Amy; You made our day! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your kind words, and that you took the time to tell us. We work hard to please our customers, and take pride in the way we run our business. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck with your future home plans.Thanks again!

–Eileen, The Stair Runner Store

First I just have to say that the runner looks great! Our dog, the Hungarian Vizsla’s name is Lance. We will be happy to recommend you to any one! It was a pleasure to work with you both. Best, 

–Eniko, Fairfield, CT 

After bringing home a plethora of runner samples that were “all wrong”, I called Creative Carpet. Eileen brought the samples to me! What could be more convenient? She patiently worked with me until we found the perfect match. The installation was impeccably done by John. I highly recommend Creative Carpet.
–Jeanine, Trumbull, CT

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Beautiful work. Thank you for your time, expertise and patience on this order. We will most definitely keep you in mind for all future east coast projects.
–Olson Leavy Design, Chicago, IL

Hi Eileen; Kerry and the children love the new rug. The kids think it looks “rich”. I am also very happy with the way it looks. You matched the pattern perfectly, even around the corners. You did a great job and we would recommend your services. Thank you for a job very well done.
–Karen, Middlebury, CT

We have had great experiences working with Creative Carpet. We are general contractors and we use Creative Carpet in the houses we build and in our own home. We find that they are professional, experienced and reliable. We especially love the convenience of having them come to the work site or to our home with samples. They have a great selection and the in-home service really makes the process quick and easy! We plan on continuing to do business with Creative Carpet and would highly recommend them to anyone.
–Amy and Sky, Shelton CT. Builders

Eileen, Just wanted to let you know that we love the staircase runner! The installation is perfect. Have already recommended you to several people. Thank you for great service and a great job as well. If we need anything in the future, we will be sure to call you. Best,
–Donna, Weston, CT

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my new carpets! I absolutly love them, and so glad we had you out to show me colors, sizes etc. I could have never figured out the sizes or colors by just buying “off the rack” at any of these other places. I am so happy with the dining room. It just finishes it off! I have had several people ask for your information and I have spread your card around. I wish I had another staircase I could buy a runner for! Thank You again!
–Denise, Naugatuck, CT

Dear Eileen & John, Everything looks so nice! I’m so glad I went forward and took your advice.
–Peggy, Shelton, CT

Dear Eileen & John, Thank you for a job well done. As you know, we had such a heartache with the last carpet company we dealt with, so it was such a pleasure to deal with you. Eileen, you were very helpful and upfront. John, your installation was superb; even though the job was tricky. You matched the pattern beautifully and even handled our curved landing with expertise. This was certainly a vastly different experience from our last carpet fiasco. We are happy we made the right choice in selecting you. Thanks! Sincerely,
–Valerie & Rich, Easton, CT

Thank you. We are very happy with our rugs – they look great! 
–Hollie, Middlebury, CT

Dear John & Eileen, Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate it. We are enjoying our new rugs immensely. 
–Michelle & Dan, Newtown, CT

Dear Eileen, You and John are the best! Your service is professional, prompt, reliable and personal. There is no other choice but Creative Carpet for us. 
–Janet & David, Trumbull, CT

Dear Eileen, The carpet & runner look fantastic. You and your husband did a great job. I will recommend you highly to anyone who needs your services. Thanks again.
–David, Southbury, CT

Having a large selection of samples to look at here in the shop was truly a convenience. Eileen brought just the right samples for my needs. The curved staircase did not present a problem for Creative and I am very pleased with John’s installation.
–Cynthia, Antique Shop, Woodbury, CT
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