Custom Hallway Runner Installations

Custom hallway installations by John Hunyadi of The Stair Runner Store in Oxford, CT.  Hallways take on many different shapes and sizes. In addition, each of these hallways include unique challenges. With factors like runner pattern choice, layout of the hall or the relationship to the staircase, solutions vary.  The Stair Runner Store has product selection, experience, and expertise to create the look and function you desire.

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Custom Hallway Runner Installations

Each of these hallways presented unique challenges in some cases by the pattern choice. So, the fabrication method we’ve used to create each hall runner installation will differ depending on the pattern in the stair runner product.  While another project may require a different approach due to the relationship of the hall to the stairs. So, the result in any case is a continuous runner installation and a pleasing use of pattern.  Included in this gallery are many examples of hallways projects we’ve completed. All installations we publish are real – actual installation and custom fabrication work by owner, John Hunyadi. Please feel free to look closely to appreciate John’s craftsmanship.

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WE SHIP  Hall and Stair Runners, READY TO INSTALL   shipping image Please Inquire