Runner End Finishes Explained

Custom stair runner end finishes explainedEnd Finish options are found and can be added on each of our runner product pages when ordering.

Runner products are cut from a roll producing unfinished ends. In most cases it is not necessary to finish the ends of a runner when installed on a staircase since it often ends on a vertical surface – generally the top and bottom risers. However, when a runner is to end on a landing or used in a hall it requires an end finish since it is ending on a horizontal surface. We primarily suggest two different types of end finishes, explained below.

End Capping – A Custom End Finish 

 – a custom fabrication adding the border to the end of a runner for a finished look with the border design on all four sides. We can end cap a runner for you creating a small area rug, or to finish the end of a hallway runner. It can also be used as an end finish for a stair runner installation that ends on a landing/hall surface.

All End Capping and other Custom Fabrication work is done by Owner, John Hunyadi   Click here to see more examples of John’s End Capping Work


Serging – Yarn Wrap End Finish  

 – Refers to a yarn wrap edge finish found on the side edges of runner products. Serging is the other end finish option we offer. It is is less expensive than end capping. The cut ends of a runner ending on any horizontal surface should be end finished. A runner end finish is needed for a separate hall/floor runner. It should also be added if your stair runner installation will end on a landing or hallway surface. Click here to see more Serged Ends

How to Order and Common Questions:

– End Finishes are an option on each runner product page. When ordering, simply select the finish you would like.– When ordering more than one runner to be end finished – each length must be added to the cart individually, along with the selected finish. Example: If you would like both a 5′ piece and an 8′ piece, each with an end finish. Choose the 5′ length and Select the end finish you’d like –  Add to Cart.
Choose the 8′ length and Select the end finish you’d like –  Add to Cart. 

– If you would like a hall runner finished to a size other than a full foot increment* – We can certainly accommodate your request. Please let us know immediately after placing your order and we will confirm receipt of your request.  Roll Runner material is sold in linear foot increments. So, you will need to order the next largest full foot increment. Please either use the Contact Us page, reply to your order confirmation OR call us at 203-888-5566.

*End Capped Runner – Finished Length: 

 – When end capping a runner, we hope to create a finished look that uses the pattern in the most pleasing way available within the constraints of two variables: the product pattern repeat and the desired finished length. To achieve pleasing pattern use, it is often necessary to have some flexibility in that length.  We will communicate the potential length variance before fabricating. You can then choose a result that best fits your needs. This type of personal service is what sets us apart form other web sites selling Hall and Stair Runner Products.

(NOTE: If pattern placement is not your priority, an end capped runner can certainly be made to your original desired length) Please Contact Us OR call 203-888-5566  OR 888-590-5566 with any questions about your Hall  and Stair Runner Project