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Hall and Stair Runner Installation Galleries

Following are photos of our hall or stair runner installations and custom fabrication work, linking to a gallery of many additional examples. Each represents a category of staircase, landing or hallway. All photos are actual installation and custom fabrication work completed by John.

Single Turn "L" Landings
A single landing stair runner installation,
either square or rectangular in shape
is the most common type of staircase
landing we find in our
... More
Straight Staircase
We are known for the the work
that John does on complicated
hall and stair runner
... More

Double Landing
These landings require the runner 
to take twocorners,
creating a "U" turn....More

Angled Landings
A single landing that forms an angle as
it connects two sections of standard
steps. We often see staircases with
two angled landings... More

"T" Landings
    A "T" finish in a hall or stair
runner installation is a custom
fabrication added to create
an area where the runner
intersects... More

Pets On Stairs
A Stair Runner installed on your
wooden staircase may make
the stairs safer for
... More

Hallways take on many different 
shapes/ sizes. Each of these hallways
involve unique challenges...More
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