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Custom Landing Services

Our custom stair runner landings 

Fabricated* in advance and shipped ready to install by your local carpet installer or in many cases a DIY installation. We offer detailed installation video instruction - shared with our full runner order customers. 

custom carpet runners, Plan Your Carpet runner Project - Stair Runner Store

*For our purposes “fabrication” refers to the idea of altering a runner - Read More. Fabrication work is needed for any change of direction or custom shape/size.

Examples of our custom stair runner work applied to many types of staircase landings can be seen by visiting our Inspiration Gallery as well as many of our runner product pages.  Plan Your Project will help define the type of staircase you have, answer common questions, along with useful links to find a stair runner which fits your style, budget, project requirements and request a quote.

End Finish - Hall, Custom Carpet Runners

Custom End Cap or Serged End Finishes

For a Hall, Floor or Landing End:  When a carpet runner ends on a floor surface such a landing, hallway, entrance or any floor - an end finish is needed since it is ending on a horizontal surface.

  • End Capping – Custom End Finish A custom fabrication service adding the border design to the end(s) of a runner. - Learn More
  • Serging service is a yarn wrapped edge finish - Learn More

End Capping or Serging may also be used to create a small area rug for any floor - entry, halls, kitchen, bedrooms and more.

A stair runner ending on a staircase riser (the vertical surface) typically does not need an end finish - Learn More


Custom Shape - Hall Runners

Is a stair runner the same as a hall runner? 

Yes - Our runners by the foot are used in halls, entrances or anywhere a long, narrow rug is needed. Stair Runner and Hall Runners are the same materials - known as Roll Runner made on long, narrow rolls with the added benefit of custom lengths. When used for a hall runner or floor runner, you will need an End Finish - and if loose laid, you'll need a non-skid carpet padding or underlay.

Our Custom Size materials (your width, your length, minimum order applies) may also be used as a hall runner for your entrance or hallways or an area rug for your kitchen or bedrooms.

Custom Sizes

If your project requires a custom width or varying widths:

We offer a specific group of products in custom sizes - your width, your length.

Carefully curated products which are suited for hall runner or stair runner applications. Fashionable, Made-to-Measure Carpet Runners - These Woven carpet materials are sold/quantified by the Square Foot.  Your Width, Your Length. (min/max sizes apply)

    • Custom Landing Shape 
    • Custom Hall Runner
    • Custom Stair Runner, Stair Carpet runners.
    • Custom Rug Size/Shape

Thoughtfully chosen Woven carpet runner materials which are the best type of construction for stair runners or hall runners. These products can also me made into coordinate custom size area rugs allowing for endless decorating possibilities.

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