Square Foot Pricing

One square foot is defined as a unit of area measurement equal to a single square measuring one foot on each side. 1′ x 1′  Square footage is an area measurement – a two-dimensional measurement of width by length.

Custom Width stair runner products are quantified and priced by the square foot. To calculate the square footage of a straight custom piece simply multiply the width by the length. A simple example might be a runner for straight stairs which you’d like to be made 2 feet wide and your project requires a 20 foot length. (this can also be used in a hallway) This example is 40 square feet. OR you may need an area rug which is 5′ x 8′ – this too is a 40 square foot piece. The 40 square feet result is multiplied by the per sq. foot price shown on the selected custom width product page.

CUSTOM SHAPE:  This calculation is more complex for a piece which is not square or rectangular – that is, a custom shape or a project with a landing or turn for example – these projects will increase material/waste and add labor. Please contact us for this type of quote OR with any specific questions about your project.

  • All custom width products are shown with square foot pricing – these prices are for a rectangular or square piece. Other shapes create variables which affect price.
  • Square foot materials carry a minimum square footage requirement of 25 square feet.
  • Price includes all edges finished with Serging – a yarn wrapped edge finish.