How is a stair runner installed?

How is a stair runner installed?

A stair runner is installed over dense pad, with very small, well-hidden staples – using a high powered electric stapler called a Carpet Tacker. This is a device made specifically for the purpose of installing carpet on stairs. This method which involves some stretching, keeps the carpet from having movement. This is not only safer, but also better for the carpet itself. Carpet that has movement does not perform as well and may pose a safety risk.

The amount of time it takes to complete the installation depends on the staircase or hallway and installer experience. For the majority of our local installations, time ranges from about two hours for a standard straight staircase, to four to six hours for a staircase with a landing. More complicated installations may take the better part of a full day. (This would usually be accomplished by some off-sight fabrication prior to installation.) If your installation includes more than one staircase or extensive hallway work or custom work, actual installation and fabrication time will vary.  Installation times will vary depending on the experience of the installer and would generally take longer to complete a DIY installation.

We offer DIY video content to our customers who have ordered a runner. We have not published these videos since they are very detailed and in part are specific to the type of staircase: for example, one with a landing vs a straight staircase.

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