Spot Cleaning

Spot Cleaning a Carpet Runner

  • Spot cleaning refers to a small area affected by a liquid spill or other material left on carpet.
  • Spills should be addressed as quickly as possible – “wicking” out the offending liquid with white toweling
  • Follow this with warm* (not hot) water which should be removed until clear – ideally with suction from a wet-vac or a carpet cleaning machine.
  • Other materials trackied onto carpet may need to be lifted from the surface befor cleaning, some materials may be best dealt with after drying somewhat and others may need imediate attention.

*Do not use soap or detergent, even if it came with the machine. Soap’s job is to attract dirt/soil but is meant to be completely rinsed way taking the dirt or soil with it. (Basically, anything you put into carpet must come out in order achive the best result) Our best advice is to rely on water only – It is very difficult and time consuming to completely remove soap. Consequently, it is almost always left behind where it continues to attract dirt/soil creating a new and ongoing problem that results in changing the appearance of the material.

  • Wick out the water/moisture overnight with white toweling weighted down with something heavy. (making sure that “the something heavy” is not going to transfer color, or an item that will produce rust)  
  • In general, regular carpet cleaning for maintenance should be done professionally.

Spills or stains which are oil based may require a solvent based cleaner to be used – (this may be best done by a professional) A solvent cleaning solution should be used sparingly and poured onto a white towel or rag, never directly onto the carpet.

Take special care with cosmetics, acne medications, nail polishes and removers – among other things these will likely cause permanent damage or permanently discolor carpet fiber. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning

How do I maintain a Carpet Runner?