How do I order a stair runner with a landing?

Stair Runner With a Landing

We ship custom fabricated stair runner landings which are ready to be installed. In order to provide a quote for your project we first need you to choose a runner product.

Once you’ve chosen a runner material you can submit our Custom Landing Quote Form. The form is also found on each runner product page. (with some exceptions) The first question the form will address is the type of staircase landing you have. This page details the types of landings we fabricate for shipping.

The video below walks through the process of providing the stair counts, landing direction and landing dimensions needed to complete the form:

Following your form Quote From submission, we’ll provide a detailed quote via email typically within 48 hours on business days – weekends or holidays may add a day or two. The quote email will include project specifications, pricing and expected turnaround time for your runner project. The quote will contain a link for a page on our site set up specifically for your order – a single page checkout requiring your name, contact info, billing/shipping addresses, payment method and your agreement to our Terms and Conditions in order to checkout.

Please contact us with any questions about our products and services OR specific questions about your runner project.