The exposed portion of the step, landing or hall alongside a stair runner or hall runner.

stair runner reveal

This is one thing to consider when choosing your runner Width. There are no “rules” as to the reveal.

  • It is very uncommon for a staircase or a hallway to be a single width throughout. Stair and hall widths vary more than runner product widths.  Most often width and therefore your reveal will vary within the staircase and/or in a hall.
  • Often our customers have been told or read that a specific reveal is the rule or that the reveal must be exactly the same throughout the project – we do not subscribe to these ideas. There are no “rules” in our experience since there are so many variables in hall and stair projects.
  • Consider that flexibility on the reveal may allow you to use a ready-made runner in a standard width which may be less expensive. However, there are cases where a custom widths makes sense for all or part of a project.
  • Attempting to achieve the exact same reveal throughout the project generally results instead in a runner that may appear very inconsistent or quirky in its appearance and generally draws more attention to the very concern you have. Our approach is to strike a balance that is aesthetically appealing overall – rather than one that focuses on a single criteria.