Dye Lot

A record taken of the color when material is manufactured.

“Dye” refers to the color, while “lot” refers to a batch or run of that roll runner material. A dye lot is assigned a unique number which applies to the fixed quantity of material in that batch. Another batch of material, with a different dye lot number may present with some difference in the color(s) – however, this is usually negligible.

Runner material for a stair runner or hall runner project are ideally sourced from a single dye lot. However, there are cases where more than one lot may be used – such as very large projects, limited stock in a single dye lot, or a discontinued product where the stock is finite. In these cases, more than one lot can be successfully used since stair runners are applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces all at varying heights and therefore different plains of light. This generally makes a dye lot difference indistinguishable.

If you’re concerned about the color –  please learn about our Cutting for Approval service or contact us.


  • Products made to coordinate with runner material such as an area rug or broadloom will never be from the same dye lot as the runner.
  • Swatches or Samples do not represent the dye lot of existing runner stock – as with any textile, dye lots will vary.  Swatch Service/Policy
  • Serging (edge finish) on your runner material may vary in color, size or texture from that of a swatch or sample.
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

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