How do I measure for a stair runner?

Measuring for a Straight Staircase

– A staircase which does not change direction:

 length is a simple calculation which requires the tread / riser count and the average length needed for each step – most require between18 and 19 inches of length per step. How do I measure for a stair runner? total step measurement tread, wrap nose plus riser

Please use our Straight Staircase Calculator to find the length needed for your straight staircase project.

A staircase with a landing requires more information:
Please use our Custom Landing Quote Form –  Our quote form allows us to reply with a project quote including the length required based on your chosen runner product.  – final length varies based on the runner pattern when there is a landing or other custom fabrication required. 

Please visit our Plan Your Runner Project page for more detail on all types of projects.

NOTE:  Measuring for a stair runner project is certainly important in order to avoid a shortage of material.  Used correctly, the tools and information on our site will help you to come up with the correct calculation and amount of material required. However, a stair runner is never calculated or cut to an exact dimension in advance – it should always be a bit longer than needed, intended to be cut to its final dimension during installation.

(A hall project most often has a fixed end point and requires an end finish on the runner itself – a hall runner needs to be more precise in its final dimension. Runners are sold in full foot imcrements but we can finish a hall runner to the dimension needed for your space.) 

– Calculating the amount of material needed when using one of our Custom Width products is more complex – these products are priced by the square foot. Please Contact Us for more information.

Please look over the measuring information available on the site – if you find that you still have questions please Contact Us

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