Linear Foot Measurement

Linear Foot Measurement

A linear foot is a length measurement equal to one running foot of material, commonly used to describe an object’s length or the running length of a material.

– Roll runner products which are available in specific/fixed widths are sold by the linear foot. Runner width is detailed on each product page. See Width Categories HERE

– A linear foot measurement is a simple straight line measurement. Linear feet are different from square feet Linear footage is a single dimension measurement.  Square footage is an area measurement – a two-dimensional measurement of width by length.

– If you have taken length dimensions for your project which are currently quantified in inches – simply divide that number by 12 to find linear feet.

Square foot products are labeled as such and referred to as custom width. NOTE: Our custom width products are quantified/sold by the square foot. While you still need to know the length needed for your project, the pricing structure is different: Fixed width vs. custom width materials.

Linear Footage Calculator – Straight Staircase Runner 

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