For our purposes runner “fabrication” refers to the idea of altering a carpet runner. In most cases this is done in order to create a custom landing within a staircase which turns left or right. This allows the installation to appear continuous once completed.  Examples of our fabrication work can be seen by visiting our gallery and many of our product pages. Fabrication work is needed for any change of direction or custom shape/size.

Our shipped landing projects can be installed by a carpet installer or in many cases DIY installation since the fabrication work is done and the landing is shipped ready to install.  We offer detailed installation video content. (videos are shared with customers who have purchased a runner from us)

While most installers do not do fabrication of woven carpet materials – our landings are fabricated in advance and ready to install. Fabrication and installation are entirely different tasks – each require specific tools and materials. A carpet installer who works primarily with basic tufted carpet products may not invest in the additional seaming tools and materials needed for woven carpet fabrication work.