Stair Runner Length

Runner material (in standard/fixed widths) is sold by the linear foot, in full foot increments. Runner material ordered for a stair runner installation is generally somewhat longer than needed and is intended to be cut to its final length during installation.

To determine footage for your STRAIGHT STAIRCASE ONLY Please use our:

Straight Staircase – Stair Runner Length Calculator

OR Visit

How do I measure for a stair runner?

For a landing Project:  Click the Custom Landing Quote button on the runner product page to request a quote for your custom landing project.

Hall or Floor Lengths: 
-If you require an end finish on one or more pieces, please add each length with your selected end finish to the cart separately.

-If you need a runner to be finished to a length other than a full foot increment, we can accommodate your request. Example: 9′ 6″ finished length. (1) Please choose the length that rounds up to the next full foot increment – 10 linear feet in this example. (2) Choose your end finish, and add to cart. Once you’ve added all of your products to the cart, please proceed to checkout. (3) You’ll receive a confirmation email once your order is completed – please reply to that email requesting the specific finished size of your end finished runner. We will edit your order and confirm the finished length(s) requested via email.

Please visit End Finishes Explained for photos and more information.

Please search our Help Center for additional information.