Swatch Service Policies

 –  A swatches is a small runner sample, a small cutting of a carpet runner product. A swatch is the most cost effective and often fastest way to see a product or a number of products for your stair runner or hall runner project.

– Swatches will often ship from more than one location so you may receive more than one package delivered over a number of days. Tracking information is sent automatically upon shipping of most swatch orders – or in some cases tracking is available upon request.

  • Most Stair runner swatches are $4.50, or $6.50 for higher end products. A shipping fee will be added to swatch orders – this varies by the number of swatches ordered.
  • Swatches do not represent the dye lot of existing runner stock – as with any textile, dye lots will vary. Most swatches are approx. 6″ x 12″. In some cases the swatch size can be smaller due to availability at the time of your order. Swatches vary in size depending on the product.  While most will include both the border and center patterns, some provide only the center portion of the pattern.
  • Serging (edge finish) may vary in color, size or texture from that of a swatch or sample. Some swatches may arrive with no edge finish – however your runner will be finished with serging yarn on the sides.
  • In some cases we will request that certain swatches be returned to us. (products from Karastan, Brink & Campman and Louis DePoortere and possibly other discontinued or individual products require return, at our expense) In these instances, your order will include a prepaid, labeled envelope for easy return. This does not impact our swatch refund policy – Swatch refunds are available only with the completed $500 minimum runner order as described above.
  • If for some reason a runner order is cancelled – in general this is only possible in the case of an extended backorder. This will not result in a swatch refund. A subsequent/alternate and completed runner order totaling over $500 will result in a swatch refund as described above.
  • Full size stair runner samples can be purchased, varying in price/size, shipping cost and because of their varied cost are handled on a case by case basis. Please Contact Us for Details.
  • Some stair runner products are available in 2 widths. Swatches and full size samples will most often be that of the smaller width – however at times the available swatch is that of the wider size. Please note, this can change the scale of the pattern if you ultimately order the smaller width runner.  In the case of a product available in two widths, a sample of the larger width can only be specifically requested as a non-refundable full foot of material plus shipping.
  • Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

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