How do I Find a Carpet Runner Installer in My Local Area?

How do I Find a Carpet Runner Installer in My Local Area?

Many of our customers have had success finding a local stair runner installer (carpet installer) in one of the following ways. While we most likely will not know of a specific carpet installer in your area – If you have a straight staircase OR if you’re having us fabricate* landing(s), the task of finding an installer should be easier since you need only installation – not the custom fabrication work. (*carpet runner fabrication and installation are 2 very different things – most installers are not fabricators of woven materials)

We’re not able to make any specific recommendation for a contractor and do not endorse nor receive any benefit from your use of any websites mentioned.

  • CFI or Certified Floor Covering Installers: you can often find someone with the zip code search engine on this page:     NOTE: Be sure to expand the radius of your search since it defaults to just 5 miles. 
    • If you end up finding a carpet installer in another way – keep in mind “certified” is a good thing but is not a requirement – this is a voluntary program. For example: John, who does all of our carpet runner fabrication work and local installations – is a highly skilled and experienced fabricator and installer who is not certified. There’s no such certification available for our specific type of work.
  • Floor Covering Supply House or Workroom: Like other trades, floor covering installers are self-employed contractors – not employees of a floor covering store. This relationship not only means they are independent and can take any work they choose – but also requires them to purchase their own installation related supplies and/or the services of a workroom. If you have a floor covering supply house or a carpet workroom in your area – among their customers are installers. They may even have some idea of an installer’s experience, and reliability.
  • Retailer or Designer, Builder/Remodeling or other Trade Contractors: If you’ve done business with a floor covering store, designer (or builder) who does not offer stair runners (many/most do not) – they may be able to provide an installer recommendation as a courtesy. They’ll hopefully understand that this is enhancing the value of their service for a past and potentially repeat customer – you may be more likely to recommend or go back to them for a future project that they do specialize in. It is all-around good business as they would also be providing value to their relationship with an installer who is most likely a self-employed individual.
  • Home Services Websites: There are a number of home services sites which may include carpet installers in their listings. Sites such as: BBB, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor or similar. Some towns also have a community Facebook page where you may be able to get recommendations. Family, Friends, Neighbors: Just as you might seek a recommendation for other self employed contractors such as plumber or an electrician – you may have an acquaintance who has hired a carpet installer/flooring contractor to do work at their home or business. 
  • DIY Stair Runner Installation

    – We have many customers who successfully complete their own DIY stair runner installation, very often with the aid of our detailed videos. We share detailed stair runner installation videos with our customers who have ordered a full runner project from us. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your runner project or vist our Plan Your Project Page to get started.