Cutting For Approval (CFA)

Cutting For Approval (CFA)

At times a customer has a concern about the current dye lot color or the current width of a stair runner (width can vary somewhat) of the manufacturer’s existing material. If you do not have these concerns, but would like to see the material, you should place a Swatch order – Learn more here. However, if need be – there is a way to be sure of the dye lot /color or current width you would ultimately receive, but involves some non-refundable cost.

If either of these are areas of concern for your stair runner or hall runner project, you can choose to go through an approval process as part of your order:
The runner quantity needed for your order is set aside and a Cutting for Approval (CFA) – a full width cutting runner sample from that very roll is shipped to you. Upon your approval, that same runner material is what you would receive. This is the only way to be sure of the actual width and/or dye lot.    (a CFA is most often used for color: dye lot
Cost of the CFA varies since it has to do with the specific material and the cost of shipping it to you. CFA fees are not refundable whether approved or not. You should always start with a swatch order since it is the quickest and least expensive way to see products.
  • Products made to coordinate with runner material such as an area rug or broadloom will never be from the same dye lot as the runner.
  • Swatches or Samples do not represent the dye lot of existing runner stock – as with any textile, dye lots will vary.
  • Serging (edge finish) on your runner material may vary in color, size or texture from that of a swatch or sample. (a runner material CFA represents the edge of that specific material.) 
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Dye Lot:

Learn how dye lot applies to stair runners and hall runners.