Hall and Stair Pad

The type of Carpet Padding used under woven carpet should be felt – a dense fibrous pad (also known as: “synthetic hair & jute”) It should NOT be foam, nor bonded/rebond pad since these types of pad can allow movement. We stock the 28 ounce version of felt pad material which tends to be approx. 3/8″ thick – while it comes in heavier form, that heavier material tends to be too bulky for a stair installation.

Pad is cut correctly – We sell pad which is custom cut to fit your runner material and runner project. This allows for the best performance and appearance. Aside from the type of pad used, one of the more common mistakes we’ve seen with carpet padding is that its often cut to the incorrect size. We cut padding material based on your runner width, tread depth or other dimensions such as a landing size or hall length.

  • Tread pads are sold per step and meant for installation on the tread under your stair runner.

stair runner carpet padding



  • We also offer Rubber backed pad which is intended to be used for a loose laid runner in a hall or other floor surface.

    Rubber backed pad for a loose-laid hall runner
    Rubber backed pad for a loose-laid hall runner