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Plan Your Stair Runner or Hall Runner

Our comprehensive guide equips you to easily and confidently tackle both simple and custom runner projects, plan your carpet runner project and turn your vision into a stunning reality.

Plan Your Straight Stair Runner Project


Straight Staircase: A straight staircase is one which does not change direction, most often a full set of stairs.
-OR -
Two "half sets" or "short sets" of straight stairs, which are separate/NOT to be connected by runner material. Often seen in a split level home for example. 

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Terms: Tread | Riser | Linear Feet 

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Plan Your Stair Runner with Landing Project


Landing: An intermediate platform between flights of stairs, permitting directional change(s) within the staircase.

"L" Shaped Staircase:  1 square or nearly square platform creating an "L" shaped staircase overall.  Stairs below the landing and those above it are perpendicular to one another. 

"U" Shaped Staircase: The "U" shape can be ahieved in more than one way: 

  • Two 2 "L" shaped landings within one staircase,  separated by at least one riser or a number of treads and risers.
    - OR -
  • One long rectangular platform spanning 2 parallel sets of stairs.

Please visit Types of Staircase Landings for more details.

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Plan Your Hall Runner Project

hall runner line drawing, Plan Your Carpet runner Project - Stair Runner Store
T shaped custom hall runner - line drawing, Plan Your Carpet runner Project - Stair Runner Store


Hall Runner:  Stair Runner and Hall Runners are the same materials - known as Roll Runner or carpet runners by the foot, made in long, narrow rolls with the added benefit of custom lengths for use in halls, entrances or anywhere a long, narrow rug is needed.. When used for a hall runner or floor runner, you will need an End Finish - and if loose laid, you'll need a non-skid carpet padding or underlay.

Our Custom Size materials (your width, your length, minimum order applies) may also be used as a hall runner for your entrance or hallways or an area rug for your kitchen, bedrooms or living areas.

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