Stair Runner Measuring Information

How to measure for a stair runner – STRAIGHT STAIRCASE

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Stair runner measurement on a straight staircase is as simple as an accurate stair count and calculation.

Example:  A straight staircase in a home with standard first floor ceiling height of about 8 feet will often have *12 treads and 13 risers. A straight staircase like this will require 20 linear feet. 
*Tread = the part you walk on.
*Riser = the vertical component of a step.

CLICK our calculator to quickly estimate footage for your STRAIGHT Staircase :

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The calculator will ask simply for your tread count, automatically filling the riser count, and our footage result.

The calculation allows for 19″ per step. A typical total step measurement is between 18 and 19 inches. A total step measurement = Tread Depth + Wrapping the Nosing + Riser Height:

Straight Staircase Variation:
– A split staircase – that is one with more than one run of steps or separate sections of steps require the stair count calculation be broken down for each section. This is becasue you will have one more riser than tread in each run of steps.  Simply add together the footage calculated for each section, to determine the total linear footage to order.


Does your Staircase have a Landing? – Please Click HERE