Stair Runner Width

Shop for stair runners by Width. The largest runner selection exists in 2 width categories:  26″ to 27″ runner width is most common for a staircase width of 39 inches or less.  30″ to 31″ runner width is often best for stairs 40 inches wide or more. Although fewer choices – 36″ wide runners (and a small group at 41″) are available for extra wide stairs, more than 44 inches for example. Use filters when searching our runner selection to sort the best width for your project. 

You may prefer a width in relation to your stair widths that falls outside of these suggestions. There are no “rules” as to the reveal. (Reveal = exposed area alongside the runner) Stair and hall widths vary more than runner product widths, and most often width varies within the staircase or hall. If you’ve been told or read that a specific reveal is the rule – this will likely result in a runner which must be custom made throughout and therefore a more expensive project. Flexibility on the reveal allows the runner to be a standard width. However, custom widths are available in some runner products, handled on a case-by-case basis. Please Inquire. 

All stated stair runner widths are approximate. 

You may also be interested in Reveal Please visit our Resources page for additional information.