Stair Runner - Ending on a Riser

When installing a stair runner on a staircase and ending the runner on the top and bottom riser - it is generally not necessary to add an end finish. A runner ending on the risers is most often cut to final length on site during installation. The two cut ends should be finished with seam sealer applied the back edge of the material. (Seam sealer is liquid latex, a product regularly used by a carpet installer for any cut edge.)

Examples of stair runners ending on the top and bottom risers: 

Top End:  When a runner is being installed on a staircase only - that is, if it is not continuing onto a 2nd floor hall, we recommend that it end on the riser just under the 2nd floor nosing. If a runner is to continue onto the 2nd floor we recommend that it continue by at least 1 or 2 feet rather than inches. Extending the runner onto the 2nd floor by just a few inches can create a tripping hazard. Any runner that ends on a horizontal surface (floor, landing, hall) will need an end finish - either serging or end capping.
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