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Not in Connectiut? -
We ship Stair Runner material and custom fabrication to customers who are outside of our local service area.  For more information about these services, please see  Two Ways to Shop  or go directly to StairRunnerShop.com where you'll find the very same products with material only per foot pricing. All of the products on this site (StairRunnerStore) have a "See Price" button which will take you to the very same product on our StairRunnerShop site.  You can also order swatches for a small fee at StairRunnerShop.com

How long has The Stair Runner Store been in business?
The Stair Runner Store, Creative Carpet & Rug, LLC has been in business since 1996. John Hunyadi, (owner/installer) has been installing all types of carpet for thirty years with a focus on runner installation and custom runner fabrication for the last 20 years. Eileen Hunyadi’s (owner/salesperson) experience includes bank management and formal training in interior design with the focus on stair runner products and their applications for 20 years. Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor Registration #00559710,   BBB Accredited Business, Best of Houzz 2013, 2014 and 2015

What makes The Stair Runner Store different from other carpet retailers who sell Stair Runners?
The largest product selection in the region is the first thing that customers notice, but the differences do not stop there. In the Stair Runner business, John and Eileen are unmatched not only in selection, service, and craftsmanship, but in experience as well. Having your stair runner installed properly is importanat for the material to perform its best.  An improper installation can result in poor performance but more importantly, may also present a safety risk.  We deal with patterned, woven carpet every day, complex layouts, difficult installation, challenging fabrication, and all types of staircases and hallways. Our unique fabrication is unlike that of what a flooring dealer can offer and is key to our custom work - but a straight stair runner should be installed properly as well. Whether simple or complex - why not have your runner installed by an expert? In a anutshell: We have the products. We have the specific experience.

Of what material is a stair runner made?
Runners are generally woven using either wool or synthetic pile fibers. Regardless of the fiber, most woven product are constructed in similar ways on the same types of looms. Wool products tend to vary more in the types of looms used to weave them. Each fiber comes in an array of qualities and prices, but synthetic fiber is typically a less expensive choice. Our product selection is split nearly in half by wool or synthetic options. Since we have such a vast collection, hundreds of choices are offered in each fiber.

Is wool better than synthetic?
Wool and synthetic fibers are like “apples and oranges” in many ways. Each fiber can be said to be better than the other in some way. In general, they may differ in appearance (color and texture), wear differently, and represent different price categories. We provide customers with detailed information regarding fiber differences, but find many people will choose a product simply because of its color and pattern.

How do I maintain a stair runner?
There are simple, but significant steps you can take to maintain and prolong the life or your runner or any carpet in your home: (1) It is advisable to remove shoes prior to entering carpeted areas, significantly cutting down on soil. (2) Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. (3)Keep adjacent hard-surface floors as clean as possible. Soil on hard surfaces is carried onto the carpet. (4)Have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Preventing and removing soil is the key to maintaining any floor surface.  Similar to any surface -  soil is abrasive and causes damage to carpet fibers, which results in appearance changes. These appearance changes are commonly referred to as wear, but are actually caused by damage.

How long will my runner last?
In most cases, the answer to this question has to do with your household and the expected use. For instance, use of a staircase in a home that includes young children will be very different from a home where just two adults reside. The appearance of the runner and your expectations for it are the real questions rather than physical wear. The most significant issue affecting appearance is maintenance. We will be able to suggest products that fit your household needs and your budget best. Customers who have purchased runners from us have provided positive feedback several years after installation.

How is a stair runner installed?
The runner is installed over dense pad, with very small, well-hidden staples. This keeps the carpet from having movement, which is not only safer, but also better for the carpet itself. Carpet that has movement does not perform as well and may pose a safety risk.

The amount of time it takes to complete the installation itself depends on the staircase or hallway. For the majority of our installations, it ranges from about two hours for a standard straight staircase, to four to six hours for a single landing staircase. The more complicated installations are often completed in less than a day. (This would usually be accomplished by some off-sight fabrication prior to installation.)If your installation includes more than one staircase or extensive hallway work or custom work, actual installation and fabrication time will vary.

Do you carry decorative stair hardware?
Yes, we have a great selection of Decorative Stair Hardware in many finishes, styles and prices ranges. Can this hardware be used for installation? No, these products are not intended for installation, but without question will add beauty to your runner. You can see examples of these products on the Decorative Hardware page of our Photo Gallery.

How long does it take to complete a runner project?
Most runners are installed within a few weeks from your decision to go ahead with the project. The amount of time it takes to complete the installation itself depends on the staircase or hallway. For the majority of our installations, it ranges from about two hours for a standard straight staircase, to four to six hours for a single landing staircase. The more complicated installations are often completed in less than a day. (This would usually be accomplished by some off-sight fabrication prior to installation.)If your installation includes more than one staircase or extensive hallway work or custom work, actual installation and fabrication time will vary.

Do you carry area rugs to coordinate with the stair runners?
Yes, many of the products we carry have matching or coordinating rugs for any area of your home from a small accent to room size rugs. Since we work with so many vendors, numerous area rugs are available as coordinates to the runners. 

How do I arrange for a free in home appointment & written quote? Our Shop at Home Page will answer this question for you.  You can arrange your appointment in a number of ways: You can search and select Product Samples that you would like to see at home. Add them to the Sample Cart, Save your selections and complete the registration process. This will send to us your list of samples and notify us of your request. We will reply within 48 hours (usually sooner) to schedule your appointment. 

Houzz Ideabook or Pinterest Board:  You can also save samples to a 
Houzz Idea book or Pinterest board,- just share the link with us. This board or ideabook would ideally be created with the appointment in mind. Feel free to include photos of your staircase, rugs, paint colors or decor with which you'd like your runner to coordinate. This is an easy way to shop -  All Runner samples on this site have a Houzz "Save" button and a Pinterest "Pin It" button on each product page.

If you would like assistance with making sample selections or have other questions, please Click Here to send us an email.  OR simply Call Eileen or John 203-888-5566 or toll free: 1-888-590-5566

Can I purchase a stair runner and have it shipped? Yes!  May I also have a custom landing shipped? Yes!
For customers outside of the Connecticut area, we have a second site where you'll find material only pricing. Runner material can be purchased, and shipped. If needed, we can also provide the service of custom fabrication of a landing or other finishes - please inquire. The second site is: StairRunnerShop.com 
Also: each product on this site has a "See Price" link that will take you directly to the very same product on the Stair Runner Shop site where you can place an order. You can also order swatches for a small fee at StairRunnerShop.com  

Why are all of your products shown without a price?  How do I get pricing?
The primary focus of this Stair Runner Store site is to provide sample selection prior to your
 Free in home appointment, in Connecticut (and some New York areas). You can select those samples that interest you, by adding them to the sample cart, (no monetary value is added to the cart) and then follow the steps for requesting an appointment. This process will send us an email that contains your contact information, along with a list of the samples you've selected. (Based on your selections, we will bring many additional samples). We can also advise you of the price categories that your selections fall into, prior to your appointment. Once you've selected a product during a visit to your home, and Eileen has measured the staircase, hall or other areas, you’ll receive a complete written quote including installation, usually within a day or so.

The following is intended to provide some BASIC Installed* pricing information for local customers:

Stair Runner material is sold by the running or linear foot.

In general (with a few exceptions) Synthetic Pile products are sold Installed*, from $30 to $40 per linear foot, with the majority of those products falling into the mid 30’s.This means that we have hundreds of products to choose from, sold installed* in the mid 30's and low 30's price range.

Wool Pile products have a much wider range of price starting right around $40 per linear foot with basic installation*. The largest numbers of wool products that we sell with basic installation* in the mid to high 40’s range, and then the $50’s , There are a smaller number of higher end products that do go beyond those dollar amounts. This means that there are hundreds of wool products sold installed* in the 40's and 50's.

*These basic prices include BASIC installation, that is on a straight staircase over pad, and tailored nosings.  Removal of existing material would add cost. Custom applications also add cost, such as miters, angles, curves, end treatments or other fabrication as seen on this site, are priced on a case-by case basis, per custom finish needed. This requires on site measuring to determine the amount of material and work required.

Amount of material required: A typical straight step consisting of a riser + tread will require 18 to 20 inches. We typically find that most straight steps require us to order 19" per step. Custom work (as mentioned above) is more variable, and the product being used for that custom project will have an affect on required footage because of varying pattern repeats. Pease inquire with specific questions for your project: 
Click here to contact us via email or phone 203-888-5566 or 1-888-590-5566. Speak to Eileen to get further details or to arrange a purchase.

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